Memory helps us to lead the life in a systematic and systematic manner, linking to past
and future, our current actions. Without this faculty, life, as we know, will not be possible
as it involves our conscious and subconscious actions and reactions.
The memory includes the functions of input encoding, storing and recovering them as
Memory is not a sequential, pictorial or linear encoding as we normally do filing in
cabinets. The process is complex involving many brain centres and even body cells as
well.  It is more apt to understand them as reconstructions of the input that was received
earlier with emotional aspects as well.
Emotions are thought to be of significant importance in the memory process. Stress
(both positive and negative) can influence this process as well, through the
neurohormonal axis.
A balanced approach is vital to us to be Healthy and this must include the care of both
these internal and external tools.
It is easy to care the physical and external tools as they are mostly in our control. We
may use methods like exercise, healthy food selection; avoidance of intoxicants etc
helps us keep these external tools in health.
But the internal tools would require a more specific and continuous approach as it is
time bound and reacts with many other stimuli as well.  An example of a situation
where a person is stressed out. Even after the external stimulus of stress is over, the
internal body continues in stress till the chemicals (hormones etc) are dissolved/flushed
out of system and mind settled the emotions. Rebuilding the damages is another area of
balancing this and completing the act.
We cannot directly touch these internal tools and so Yogic seers have designed specific
methods to balance and keep them healthy!
Yogic Kriyas (Yoga based actions) are designed to cleanse and activate this internal
environment/tools. There are specific areas/systems that help us influence these
internal tools and the kriyas focus on these areas to achieve cleansing and control of
Neti (Nasal passage cleansing), Basti (Large intestine cleansing), Dhouti (Gastric tract
cleansing), Nauli (Intestinal cleansing), Bhati (Frontal brain and related areas cleansing)
and Trataka (eyes and higher brain functional areas cleansing) are the six main
practices outlined.
These may be performed with different products from pure water to various solutions
prepared, specially designed threads and clothing material to air as well. It is to be but
certainly be understood that expert guidance is a must to practice these techniques.
They do have pre and post procedures which if not done are harmful as well. The
technique itself is not easy and has to be a guided procedure.

These actions/techniques influence the internal functioning of the system cleansing
them initially and slowly as one proceeds help to gain control and mastery over these
functions as well. So are they called as “Yogic” (a process that which helps one to move
from external to internal – unifying!).
Coming back to memory, it is a tool that we use to respond to our external environment.
This is achieved from experience, learning, storing information and many such
processes which we have undergone in this life. Many of them are inherited as well!
But due to many life factors, this response is diluted to the level of Re – Action than
Action! Example – withdrawing hand from fire is an action spontaneous and exhibited
through our memory. This might be a response from previous memory stored in genes
through generations. We even call it instinct! This is positive and active (as against re –
active) as we do not carry it forward through emotions or any feelings. But imagine a
situation where someone shouts at you, you start connecting this event to all inputs
stored and charge with emotions of guilt, fear, hatred etc and then we respond (may be
in seconds but Re – acts!). We were under influence of our involuntary nervous system
clogged with emotions and memories. This is what is cleared/cleaned. So it's not mere
physical cleansing that is done but is aimed at controlling/mastering these internal
Once we start cleansing these areas the internal functions operate smoothly and thus
capability to store, retrieve and use the information in a more efficient manner results –
which is called as improving memory!
External tools like brain games and other activities, food etc are helpful but limited
where in Yoga and related activities are more keen to the core of the Human functions
and are so better result oriented. Please do bear in mind yoga is not to be classified and
used as an individual activity like postures/breathing etc but are to be used as a
“Program” integrating and involving the whole person and so aptly named as Holistic.
Such engagements will bring about Transformation than a mere change.
(The Article Written By Dr.Thampi,Swami Parmanand Prakritik Chikitsalaya)
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