Wonders of Amla (Indian Gooseberry)!

Wonders of Amla (Indian Gooseberry)!

Wonders of Amla (Indian Gooseberry)!

Amla, does this exotic fruit takes you on a nostalgia trip to your favorite childhood days when sitting in backyard you used to eat Amla with a pinch of salt on your palms and then have this tremendous striking citrus effect on your tongues and you laugh till the tummy hurts? Well, those lost days can be brought back.

To say a lot about this fruit, Amla is the best aid to the mankind and one of the compelling customary natural drugs, which has been utilized to treat and oversee infections since the antiquated circumstances. Barely any individual is ignorant about its significance and criticalness as it is connected with various wellbeing and therapeutic advantages. It is the repository of minerals, vitamins and other bio-compound substances.


So dear Amla lovers, since we have forgotten its wonders once told by our dear dadima’s , let’s binge into the little encyclopedia of Amla and praise its magnificience!

Wonders of Amla

  1. Curative element for hair: Amla is one of the best fruits considered for neutralizing male pattern baldness, reducing the problem of hair fall and other dandruff issues. It plays a key role in strengthening, darkening and conditioning of hair. It likewise improves hair gloss, shading and pigmentation. Using either home-made Amla mask which reinforces hair follicles and hair shaft or taking one Amla a day, it will always be the one-stop solution for all your hair and skin problems.


  1. Amla for glowing skin: One pimple on the cheek and you fade away in shock! Then applying multi-dollar creams and face washes and god knows what. So why not whoosh this hassle in thin air and enjoy the secretive powers of Amla with much less drama. Taking Amla juice is very helpful in vitalizing the skin and removing less-wanted dead cells. Squeezing over the Amla on the face battles wrinkles, pimples, skin break-out and so on.


  1. Amla to consume fat: Amla is enriched with numerous amounts of amino acids and Vitamin C. It not only rejuvenates and enhances the metabolism but also eradicates the excess toxins of the body. Hydrating the body and reducing the constant hunger is also a wonder which Amla presents.



  1. Amla for eyes: This exotic fruit helps mankind from many eye related diseases like waterfall, astigmatism, intra-visual, vision change, near-sightedness, cataract and many more being enriched with vitamin A and carotene.
  2. Cures mouth Boils: Amla is found to be the best cure of Mouth Boils, which not only cures it but regular use of it can even prevent boils in the long term.
  3. Controls diabetes: The consistent utilization of its juice (2-3 tbsp) brings down the level of sugar in the blood, in this way controls diabetes. Amla empowers the pancreas Islet of langerhans which additionally control the appropriate emission of insulin hormone.

  1. A beautiful cure for heart: Consistent use of this wonder berry increases the immunity and brings the heart diseases to ground. It brings down the level of cholesterol and fortifies the heart muscles which results in smooth pumping of blood and oxygen to the whole body. By reducing the cholesterol amount, chromium in Amla stalls the plaque development in the vessels and arteries and therefore reducing the chances of strokes and heart attacks. Rich in iron content, it re-generates the new red blood cells and oxygenates the organs. The different bio-synthetic substances display in it guarantee the better working of heart by keep up pulse and averting strokes.
  2. Amla for processing: It is useful for absorption of calcium and osmosis of other substances. It guarantees to flush out toxins from the body, being basic in nature, adjusts and reinforcing the absorption procedure. It has satisfactory amount of fiber and roughage that commands the body to manage the constipation problem and heartburn.

  1. Serial lover of asthamatic patients: Drinking the  amla juice (2tbsp) along with honey (2tbsp) on normal premise  is helpful  to control asthma, bronchitis, hypersensitive asthma, respiratory clog, etcetra.

Phew!  Wait, we are still done with this wonder berry. There are many more benefits of Amla which are hidden, hence proving to be a boon for the mankind. So, now help yourself with Amla! (USE THIS LAST LINE PER YOUR CONVENIENCE. NOT NECESSARY TO ADD BTW.)