5 Ways to Cure Your Eye Problems

5 Ways to Cure Your Eye Problems

5 Ways to Cure Your Eye Problems


Curing cataracts with onions

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If you don’t have finances to cure Cataracts, or you don’t want to get your eyes operated.

Application: Take 1 tsp of Pandra Kaandha (White Onion) juice. 1 tsp of Begana Nimbu (Seedless) juice. 3-4 tsp of Madh (Honey). 1 tsp Gulab Jal (Rose water). Take one drop everyday for the next 30 days. Your cataract will be cured.

Apply cucumber slices on eyes in summers

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If you are having irritation in your eyes, then cut out slices of a cucumber and apply them on your eyes. Cucumbers have a lot of anti oxidants in them that help your eyes from irritation. Take two slices and place them over your eye lids for the next 15 minutes, then replace them with fresh slices. Do this twice or thrice a week.

Apply saliva on your eyes right after you wake up

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Antibodies made by your saliva when you are sleeping are very beneficial for your eyes. These antibodies when applied on your eyes kill all the antigens present in your eyes. Your eyes will start recovering fast. This treatment has good results on Conjunctivits.

Netra Tarpan therapy

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Netra Tarpan is a therapy where you get your eyes covered with black gram dough. Then warm triphala ghee is poured on the eyes and the patient is made to do special eye exercises. This therapy takes around 45 minutes. It is available at very affordable rates at the best Ayurvedic and Naturopathy hospital Swami Parmanand Prakritik Chikitsalaya, Vindo Nagar, New Delhi.

To reduce inflammation, use Potato

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If you have been suffering from dark circles sticking tight around your eyes, then do this. Wash a medium sized potato and grate it. Don’t peel the potato. Now, take some gratings and apply on your eyes whenever you go to sleep. Keep the gratings applied overnight and do this for the next 4-5 days.