Obesity treatment

Obesity treatment

Obesity Solution by UDHVARTAN

Massaging with powders made of herbs is called Udhvartan. The word Udhvartan refers to elevation and upward strokes given during massage. There are many uses especially in providing obesity solution by Udhvartan.

However Ayurvedic doctors mainly recommended it for reducing excess cellulite and fat accumulated under the skin. It also tones the skin and provides strength to the body by increasing the immunity. There are many other benefits which include improvement in skin complexion, skin complexes, skin exfoliation, stress relief, relaxation and obesity solution by udhvartan.

According to Ayurveda, it has two types:

  1. SNIGADH (Oily)
  2. RUKSHA (Dry)


One of its kind of a powder form of massage done with a herbal paste prepared by mixing powder of various herbs in medicated oils. The final product – herbal paste – is then rubbed over the skin. This type of Udhvartana is known as Snigadh Udhvartana. It helps in nurturing the skin texture, complexion, glow, and tone. The main purpose of Snigdha Udhwartana is to deep cleanse your skin, replenish the skin cells and also to prevent skin diseases.



Yet another type of Udhwartana. In this type of Udhwardhana, powders of herbs are directly rubbed on the body. Herbs are generally rough and dry in nature, thus they are used for reducing excess Kapha dosha in the body. For those individuals having cellulite present in their skin and fat cells stored, Ruksha Udhwartanam is used in such conditions. Ruksha Udhwarthana is also used for people having diabetes to optimize insulin levels in the body.


According to Sushruta Samhita

  1. Udvartana
  2. Utsadana
  3. Udgharshana


In Udvartana, a phenomenon is followed which includes two types of actions. The two types of actions include strengthening the body and secondly, reducing the fat that is obesity solution by Udhvartan. A mixture of various herbs and medicated oils – like Utsadana or Snigadh Udvartana – is used to rub on the body

Ayurvedic tip: Herbs to use for Udvartana must be as per the body type of the applicant.


Utsadana or Snigadh Udhvartan are one and the same thing. In this, medicated oils are brewed with herbs. It has the same benefits as the Snigadh Udhwartana.


Udgharshana or Ruksha Udvartana are one and the same thing. Udgharshana, as the name suggests, means friction. In this, a special kind of mixture is used which includes brick powder, reetha (soap nut) powder and many other Ayurvedic herbs. This type od Udhvartana is not essentially suitable for people having a sensitive skin or allergic to slightly hard pressure on their body.


Some specific gestures of massage are followed here in Udhwartana. Herbal pastes and powders are applied all over the body or at least a few parts wherever it is necessary. This massage helps in toning the skin, loosening up the fatty cells, removing cellulite present beneath the skin layer and also depleting Kapha levels in the body.


Udhwartanam is not only a healthy Ayurvedic therapy but also loaded with many benefits for the body.

Udhwartanam nourishes the skin with its vitalizing herbs. It helps in toning and exfoliating the skin.

For people who want to lose weight, they can do it easily with the help of Ayurveda in this regard.

If you’re tired of your bad body odour, then Udhwartanam is a must to try out for you. For years, Udhwartan has been giving relief to people who wanted to get rid of their bad body odour.

Udhwartanam not only helps in removing the toxins from the body but also makes sure that your body starts filtering out the toxic material itself. In this way becoming a catalyst for your body organs.