Delve into ayurvedic herbs this monsoon with SPPC | Health tips for monsoon

Delve into ayurvedic herbs this monsoon with SPPC | Health tips for monsoon

Delve into ayurvedic herbs this monsoon with SPPC | Health tips for monsoon

As the monsoon has set in the country this July, Swami Parmanand Prakritik Chikitsalaya (SPPC) has poured down various offers on its most enjoyed therapies. For the season, SPPC provides, various health tips for monsoon.

From simple and sober massages to complete Mud Therapy, SPPC makes it easier for people to rejuvenate their body and soul.

After the longer and dry afternoons of May and June, people finally got a relief from the scorching heat. But, with this relief, there also came many water borne diseases like the one’s spread by mosquitoes and parasites.

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In order to cater to the growing demand of the citizens, SPPC made it convenient for the people to stay healthy and safe this monsoon from diseases such as Dengue, Malaria, Chickengunea and Cholera etc.

What SPPC will help you with?

First of all, SPPC is a health and wellness center. We do not support the intake of medicines. Rather, we provide you alternate methods for gaining immunity and strengthening your weakened parts.

This monsoon, we provide you exclusive Panchkarma therapy for boosting your immunity. It is widely known from time immemorial, that when temperature drops inconsistently, the likelihood of taking medicines gets increased.

As the climate has changed its phase, Dr. Pramod Bajpai from Swami Parmanand Prakritik Chikitsalaya suggests some changes in the lifestyle for an ordinary person:


  1. Exercising is a must

Health tips for monsoon

It’s very understandable that you refrain yourself from exercising, but at the same time, you must also understand that doing light exercises, and stretching a bit won’t hurt anyone.


  1. Panchkarma is your good karma

Health tips for monsoon

Panchkarma, a five step ayurvedic healing procedure used to enhance purification and detoxification of the body. For the people who had recently or earlier endured a disease or are in the stage of recovery, Panchkarma throws out the toxins left out by the diseases.


  1. Time to say no to street food

Health tips for monsoon

Yes, we understand as the rain pours in, our taste buds automatically take us to our nearest pakoda shop, but hey! Stop. Avoiding oily foods is not what we say, but avoiding street food is what we say a no to.

During monsoon, eating food from outside increases risks of consuming contaminated items. At SPPC, we provide you with various ayurvedic tips you can follow to gain immunity and at the same time giving mouth watering recipes full of nutrition.


  1. Drink boiled water

Health tips for monsoon

As we have previously discussed before, during the monsoon, there is a high risk of getting contaminated edible items, water is also one of them. Maintaining a good hygiene is important, but so is nourishing your body with hygienic items only.


  1. Touch your feet, give yourself some blessing

Health tips for monsoon

You know monsoon have begun when you start seeing those news in the TV reporting waterlogging everywhere, that’s when you realize monsoon have entered your city. As, the nature blesses us with its rain, on the other hand, there are cons of the rain as well. Foot care is a must as the feet tend to get in direct contact with the blocked water. In such a way, the harmful antigens present in the water might cause fungal infection in your feet.


Although we have provided you with enough information you need to have during this monsoon season. But, if you still have any queries, feel free to visit us and ask our doctors regarding the same.