Detoxifying – The Need Of Body

Detoxifying – The Need Of Body

Detoxifying – The Need Of Body

We have heard so much that beauty starts from within and Ayurveda also claims the same. Not in the philosophical way but detoxifying way. While there are many who just think of detox diet whenever they think of detoxifying body, that’s not completely true. One doesn’t have to be involved in a strict detox diet and all that green tea stuff according to Ayurveda. This article will help your clear many things as to why everyone must detoxify the body and in the right natural way.

First things first, why one must detoxify the body? The number one universal reason is to be and feel healthy from the inside. This means that if one has no toxins or impurity inside one’s body, they feel good on the outside because of the glow they would feel. There are lot many reasons why everyone should undergo detox process. If you can’t concentrate well enough, you must be sure that there is something wrong inside your body. Not concentrating enough means that you feel foggy and lose vision sometimes. Something like feeling low can also be added in not being able to concentrate.

Also, if you feel stressed and depressed then you definitely have the reason to detoxify your system. Stress and depression are directly related to being feeling badly from within. One who feels good from inside doesn’t feel stressed. So, when you detoxify your body, you let your body get rid of inside impurities and feel good. One of the reasons which also indicate the necessity of detoxifying is trouble in having a quality sleep. The impurities tend to restrict the quality of sleep because of the fact that they hinder the part of the mind that helps in sleeping better.

Now that we have clarified some of the reasons why everyone must detoxify, let’s have a look at how to detoxify. There are fruits and other natural ways way more effective than that green tea stuff. One of the most antimicrobial and antifungal dry fruit is black walnut. Include them at least once a day into your diet, whether adding them to the salad or mix it in with any meal. Turmeric, which is used in almost every Indian meal-making process, is one the best detoxifier you will ever find. It just doesn’t make food look and taste good but also strengthens our internal detox organs such as bowel, kidney etc. and make them do their work far better. Having just a pinch of turmeric is meals will give your detox system an edge over the process.


Coconut oil is another natural Ayurveda way to help the body in detoxifying the toxins. Coconut has antibacterial and antifungal properties just like black walnut which makes it to the detox lists. Coconut helps internal system fight with inflammation and can tear down fungal growth in intestines if there are any. Try coconut oil next time you cook something or you can even pour some on the meals which are already prepared.

Watermelon, one of the juiciest and tastiest summer fruit, is also recommended by Ayurveda to help detoxify the body. It hydrates the system from within and doing this water flow in body increases which takes more and more toxins out of blood streams and other organs.

The one thing which everyone has around them is neem tree. Thought everybody is having neem tree near them but they don’t know the immense effects it can provide to boost up your body. Neem is said to be antiseptic, antibacterial and antifungal all in one. Neem helps the body get rid of metabolic waste which body might have deposited from eating unhealthy foods. Add small portions of neem in your daily routine or you can just break some leaves, wash them down and chew them properly.

Now that everything is clear about detox, let’s end up with giving some daily tips to not allow toxins in the body:

  • Don’t eat foods which are canned, leftovers or frozen even as they tend to build up toxins in the body.
  • Eat food which is light, warm and freshly cooked.
  • Include fruits like apple, papaya etc.
  • Water acts as a natural cleanser and one must drink adequate amount of water everyday.


Keeping these simple things in mind and being true to yourself will help you detoxify and have a better quality of internal organs and life.