SPPC – Where Health Flourishes

SPPC – Where Health Flourishes

SPPC – Where Health Flourishes

We have heard this lot – Health is wealth. But how does one obtain this wealth in a time when everyone is so busy that they choose fast and junk foods every time they are out. Everyone is running here and there fetching materialistic money that they forget that real money resided within in form of health. Gautama Buddha said, health is the greatest gift. We should respect this gift we have received from God, and not just ignore it for sake of anything.

It’s not that people don’t know they are not healthy but the real problem arises when they start to ignore the fact that they are unhealthy. This means that they ignore that they are overweight, having a flu which could lead to bigger problem, or anything of this sort. When people start ignoring, health problems tend to wider its scope. People don’t understand that this is the only body they have to live in and one must take proper care of this body. People completely ignore everything to just have and achieve some false wealth, and forgets that the true and real wealth is health.

Due to the fact that many people are getting sick and being patients of different kind of disease, they lean towards chemical based medication and treatment. The fact about this kind of treatment is that it provides temporary relief on disease. There could be some side effects too which could lead to another problem such as itching, rashes or irritation in organs. And this is where naturopathy comes to aid of many. Naturopathy is a branch of medicine which dates back to many centuries and uses natural ways to identify and treat health problems of patients. The therapies and treatments are nontoxic and all natural which minimises any chance of having side effects.

A good health has many benefits on overall health. A good health increases quality of life and reduces stress levels in an individual. Earlier in days, there was not so much hectic life and only a bare minimum of diseases but with changing times and environment health problems are on the rise and people need therapies which are beneficial in curing many health problems. One should also go for regular check-ups even if they think that they are not having any outer health problems because sometimes problem builds within which is not visible to outer self. Regular check-up will not only ensure you that you are healthy but also will tell about any problem which could be developing without knowledge.

Naturopathy system is of the fact that it analyses and cures the disease with all natural ways such as massaging with proper herbal oils but the first thing which naturopathy tells is that we have to change our diet style to begin the changes. This is based on the fact that what we eat is what we become and therefore naturopathy emphasis on the use of healthy food ingredients which can induce more health inside you. Delhi’s biggest naturopathy hospital SPPC offers you treatments like mud bath, massage therapy, hydro therapy, panchkarma etc. to cure illness and boost your health. We should eat healthy food such as fruits, salads, green leafy veggies. Timing of eating certain food is also an essential thing one should keep in mind. Timely eating of food can help you elevate your health; also on the other hand bad timings can have ill effects of your health. For example, eating rice at night can increase fat in your body.

People also neglect the fact that their lifestyle is playing major part in making their health decline. Dr.DivyaSharad, MO at SPPC hospital, says most working people sit all day long and when they get home they don’t indulge in any physical activity or exercise because they are too tired. This is where problem starts. Non active lifestyle was not considered when human beings were made. This body was made to walk miles and miles and to immense physical activities. So, sitting all day long and doing no physical activity must also be neglected to achieve the wealth of health.

Bottom line is that it is you who has the ultimate  control over your body and id you will not take charge of making it better, then this body will rust like iron  rust when its left untouched. So, warm up your conscience and start living a lifestyle your body will thank for later.