Yoga- the sunshine in the darkness of illness.

Yoga- the sunshine in the darkness of illness.

Yoga- the sunshine in the darkness of illness.

Yoga is a trend which was brought back in today’s chaotic work era. The elders in the family switch TVto do yoga every morning and elders taught children to do simple yoga asanas like anulomvilom. Yoga has helped many cure illness which has troubled them for years and also leads many families to be a healthy one by performing daily yoga.  But do yoga benefits us that well? Let’s hop into its depth.

Yoga is an Indian and especially Hindu disciple which is used by many to keep them fit and healthy. People from many centuries have been doing this and still, its craze is almost the same. Its popularity is just not limited to India only but has reached worldwide. This disciple includes breathing control techniques and even mediation. Yoga helps in improve overall fitness which includes mind fitness too. By meditation, one achieves a calm and stress-free life which directly corresponds to better physical health. American people spend 2.5 billion dollars on yoga instructions annually. There are 1.7 million teenagers who do yoga in America itself.

One important asana which can be performed by anyone of any age is called “pranayama”.  Ayurveda says – Breathing is the physical part of thinking and thinking is the psychological part of breathing. Pranayama makes us learn how to get control of our breathing and extend it even. Regular doing of this yoga can be really beneficial. The first thing which it cures is any stress-related disorder. Also, it is very helpful is giving relief to asthma patients because of asthma the major problem one faces is of breathing and pranayama’s main purpose is to extend the breathing pattern. Blood pressure can also be aided with this type of asana. The respiratory system is elevated to a healthy level by pranayama.

Vrikshasana” is another yoga pose which is easy to do and have many benefits surrounding it. It helps in improving the balance and strengthens your legs and back. One must ensure that their spine is straight during the entire time they are performing this asana.

One more asana which is little hard to perform but has immense benefits for the whole body. It is called “bhujangasana”. This yoga pose strengthens your lower back while cushioning the spine and triceps. It also opens up the chest muscles to promote inhalations. Also, this particular asana is helpful in improving spine flexibility.



In today’s era Yoga provides relief to many who are being stuck in this fast-paced era which is taking moments of relaxation away from them. There are special places in India where one can go and experience benefits of yoga. Places specialised in yoga provides guide on power yoga, meditation and pre/postnatal yoga.

There are many benefits of doing yoga daily and some are:

  • Yoga improves health and fitness of an individual.
  • It gives one’s mind an incomparable calm and strength.

Physical strength is also improved by doing yoga.


One should keep in mind that the main purpose of Yoga is to challenge one physically while the mind accepts calm. Yoga practice in a person makes them aware of their body more than a person who has ever done yoga. This is because yoga let people seek their inward awareness and be more enlightened about their body and its functioning. An increased mindfulness is also one of the many benefits which one experiences. Students who do yoga have been seen to perform better in classes than many. Yoga has been a helping hand to those who are seeking to cut weight and be fit.

Yoga can help you live a healthy quality of life which increases calmness and mindfulness. Everybody must do because it’s a stress buster in today’s fast-paced world. Well-being and living healthy is in your hands. Practice yoga with determination and persistence and a wonderful self-realization is certain.