about hospital

Swami Parmanand Nature cure and Yoga centre, inaugurated on 21st august 2016, is a guided Health and wellness centre offering lifestyle programs through Complementary and Alternative healing principles of Naturopathy, Yoga, Ayurveda etc.

Health and wellbeing are the quintessential necessity of a person and nature has provided all opportunities to imbibe her in all ways, always! The contemporary lifestyle and the fast paced approach have made this prerequisite an “emergency” and people are resorting to medications and such other tertiary /emergency steps for achieving and maintaining the same. This is a serious threat to the Quality of life more than the quantity! Evidently lifestyle disorders, psychosomatic diseases are on the rise.

Nature cure and Yoga may be aptly understood as Natural Living and not merely a disease management method. In fact, it is focused on improving and enhancing one’s health; and disease management is more of a byproduct of this lifestyle; rightly this needs to be understood as “Primary Health Care” program.

The three essential principles in health care – Nourishment / Rebalancing / Detoxification are used to ensure a balanced lifestyle.