About Us


Param Shakti Peeth is a voluntary organization, registered under Societies Registration Act, 1860. It is the philosophy and the guiding hand of Rev. Didi Ma and the organization and management of the Param Shakti Peeth that has made Vatsalyagram a living reality. Param Shakti Peeth has some inherent objectives that have defined Vatsalyagram and helped shape it to the entity that it is today.

Some of the other movements that are being run throughout the country under the aegis of Param Shakti Peeth are:

  • Movement of Stress Free Healthy India
  • Indian Civilization Reestablishment Movement
  • Best Step – “Towrads Self – respect Through Self – dependence
  • Awareness movement of National Security
  • Save the Girl Child Movement
  • Save the Motherhood Movement
  • Movement of Eradication of Social Discrepancies
  • Movement of Preservation of Cows of Indian Species

what people say about us

It was a great experience. Would like to come again and again. Therapist parul is amazing in her work.

Cleaniless is very excellent .All staff is corperating .All doctor are very good very nice..very good naturapathy hospital in delhi

जो यहाँ के कर्मचारीगण हैं, तत्परता से और जितने विशेषज्ञता से आपको इलाज करते हैं मुझे लगता है नेचुरोपैथी क्या होती है| यह आपको यहाँ आकर देखना चाहिए फिर आपकी समझ में आएगा |