Ayurveda, one of the oldest systems of medicine and health care dating back to 5000 years has derived its roots from Atharva Veda, Sankhya & Tantric Philosophies of Ancient India. Also known as ‘Science of Life’ deals with the principles of Life, Living & inherent dynamic relation between the nature & living organism.

Ayurveda is based on the belief of achieving & maintaining health by balancing the being with emotional and physical life forces. These life forces are guided by three major bio energies called Vata (air principle), Pitta (fire principle) & Kapha (Water & Earth principle). Our body’s innate nature called as “Constitution” is determined by the varying degrees of these three guiding principles and disease set in due to imbalance in this constitutional make up.

To maintain the balance of Vata, Pitta, Kapha, ayurvedic treatments are offered which includes many ancient techniques like Abhayanga, Shirodhara with herbal oil, Panchakarma procedures, Tarpana, Shiro Vasti, internal herbal medications, and many more.

Hence, Ayurveda helps in finding the bridge to balance the well-being of an individual with nature’s laws.


Panchkarma being a serious and intensive detox program requires residential program as per recommendation by the Doctor. Strict dietary regimen on specified food items and limited options are to be followed during the days and later as prescribed. Entire program would be Doctor prescribed depending on the person’s body constitution, age, disease condition etc.

Alternately, simplified programs suiting the patient’s need may also be suggested after discussion with the Doctor. This would usually allow the patient to focus on his specific need with limited procedures (selected by doctor based on condition) so as to ensure relief and well being.

The detoxification procedure are intensive cleansing program done after consultation and under guidance only depending on the individual’s need. Usually a minimum 7 to 14 days are required to complete this experience. The Five actual cleansing procedures (Vamana – Emesis; Virechana – Purgation; Vasti – Enemas; Nasya – Nasal cleansing; Bloodletting –Rakta Mokshana OR Niruha Vasti – Decoction enemas) are performed after preparing the body through massages and other internal herbs, called as Purva Karma (Preparatory procedures). Following the Pradhan or Pancha Karma procedures, one has to follow a strict follow up procedure as per advice called as Paschat Karma.