Food is the primary component in this program! Food is Medicine!

Understanding this concept in an easy way is to follow your routine keeping the “Sun” as the guide. Wake up just before the sunrise, after all natural cleansing, expose to sun light to imbibe the warmth and energy from Sun (your first food and primary source of energy!!!).

Breakfast must be like the morning warmth of Sun – gentle, easily digestible Lunch again like the quality of Sun – items that increases the body warmth / temperature (maximum calorie of the day), good quality complete meal Supper like the setting sun – warm, but calming, light and easily digestible and EARLY
Night if really needed like the Moon – extremely light (reflective of Sun light) semi solid to liquid type only, which are not physically taxing (that requires minimum digestion).

As there is Eclipse periodically, develop the habit of abstaining from food as well periodically –


At SPPC we believe that diet is an essential part of your mental and physical well being. Thus, we take special care of your diet with added care from the lap of nature. The guest get special food consultancy and assistant according to the current health requirements complimented by customized diet, herbs and juices provided at our centre


FASTING means to “Fasten” or protect yourself / to enhance your security and to tighten up yourself! Sanskrit word is easier to understand this concept – UPAVASA – meaning staying by the side (of God). So undertaking such activities that one would ideally do while being by the side of God is Fasting! Many types of fasting (in terms of food) may be practiced form dry fasting to juice fast to prescribed food type fast. This is not only eliminative / detoxifying but helps to improve all physiological functions of the body and mind as well including immunity. Recent research has shown positive effect of fasting even in cancer treatments.

Therapeutic dietary regimen would include eliminative (fasting, Fruits /raw diets etc), balancing (cooked / raw food, easily digestible food etc) and constructive diets (normal with vegetable protein added but restricted in calorie, oil, salt and spices etc) as prescribed by the specialist depending on your condition and your body / mind need.