We all are eating something what our parents used to eat. They also used to eat all this because their parents also ate that way. Even they also used to eat something because their parents also ate that way. This is how a culture is made when we follow some traditions that come from a very long time ago.

So, we need to understand that years and years ago, people ate something because they had no options. It was merely about survival. So, what they ate that day, it naturally became the next day’s meal. But today, we have choices and it is the right time, when we decided what we should eat and what to exclude.

Every individual is not equal. People have different occupations, so naturally they need a different diet to run throughout the day. A laborer needs some kind of diet, an accountant needs some other. Similarly, everyone has different needs and requirements.

For bringing a little bit of awareness about this, we need some kind of assistance. At SPPC, we have dieticians which guide you for bringing a change in your life. The diet plans that you will be given by these doctors are not hard and fast dos and don’ts.

The changes that these doctors will guide you throughout the journey, will reap a fruit for you that will help you in everyday life till you get toothless.

At SPPC we believe that diet is an essential part of your mental and physical well being. Thus, we take special care of your diet with added care from the lap of nature. The guest get special food consultancy and assistant according to the current health requirements complimented by customized diet, herbs and juices provided at our centre