Naturopathy is a science which deals with nature’s attuned principles in healing the diseases of human organism without the help of medicines. It combines the aspects of natural being and help in correcting the root imbalances and thereby the disease potential altogether, both physically and mentally. Not only, naturopathy helps in correcting human body imbalances, it also prevents from future diseases.

Health can be cultured only by maintaining the laws of nature but when the imbalances are created by human’s modern lifestyle, the body seems to get prone to a number of diseases. Naturopathy makes use of body’s innate healing power and a Naturopathic program / regimen offers the corrective environment for this innate healing power to balance the body.

Naturopathy has three major aspects, preventive, curative and health promotive regards. The treatments are given in due respect with the laws of Nature. The methods are quite easy and simple, which do not create any side effects. The methods generally employed in treatments are Mud-bath therapy, Ionic Detox Foot Bath, Hip Bath therapy, Enema, Massages, Chromo therapy, Acupuncture, Acupressure, several types of packs, etc.

One must follow healthy routine, eat well, breathe well, and think good. Only then, one can be free of diseases and lead a cheerful life!

Naturopathy Treatment in Delhi For Obesity

Who would want to have too much of body fat?  None. Obese people are not the people who are weighing too much i.e. overweight but who are consuming more calories and not using them. In this condition, an individual accumulates so much fat that it has a negative effect on his/her health. People suffering from obesity are looking for good treatment centres for obesity. Obesity is the problem that brings in complimentary problems like High blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, heart diseases, joint problems, gallstones, high cholesterol etc.

Obese people are most welcomed by Swami Parmanand Prakritik Chikitsalaya that is one of the Best Naturopathy Centre in Delhi for Obesity.  In SPPC, obesity is treated through naturopathy and yoga. As obesity also leads to stress, SPPC also performs the function of Stress Management.