Ozone steam sauna bath therapy, a treatment offered at our naturopathy center in Delhi, is a “वाष्प स्नान” treatment where ozone gas is infused with heavy steam vapor within the cabin. This unique therapy serves as an effective method for eliminating infections from the body. Ozone, being an active form of oxygen, enhances the body’s immune power by destroying bacteria, germs, infections, and fungi. Our experts at SPPC believe that “भाप स्नान” assists in treating numerous illnesses and conditions.

The therapy at our center is helpful in:

  • Cleansing programs
  • Immune system shortages
  • Pain controlling
  • Arthritis
  • Pressure on stress and muscle
  • Improving metabolism
  • Making digestion better
  • Reducing toxins
  • Accurate blood circulation

Benefits of Ozone Steam Sauna Bath Therapy at SPPC:

  • You feel your muscle is relaxed and get back its flexibility
  • The therapy reacts to toxins and eliminate them from the body’s parts
  • Blood flowing levels go up and injured muscles start repairing soon
  • Improves the recovery procedure and alleviates pain
  • There would certainly stay no germs and infections of any type
  • Increases the metabolic procedures of the internal body organs and endocrine glands create स्वेदन that leads to loss of calories in a few minutes of the session.

Welcome to the SPPC Patanjali Wellness Centre in Delhi, your haven for rejuvenation through the ancient art of sauna and steam bath therapy. Our center offers a range of sauna and steam bath treatments designed to boost metabolism, increase blood circulation, and promote overall well-being.

Sauna Bath:

A sauna bath is not just a luxury; it’s a therapeutic experience. Our sauna facility provides you with a serene and inviting environment to unwind and detoxify. The dry heat of the sauna helps relax your muscles, cleanse your skin, and release stress, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Boost Metabolism:

Regular sauna sessions have been known to boost metabolism, aiding in weight management and improving overall energy levels. As your body temperature rises in the sauna, it stimulates a metabolic response, promoting calorie burn and enhancing your body’s natural detoxification processes.

Increase Blood Circulation:

One of the key benefits of sauna therapies is their ability to increase blood circulation. The heat causes blood vessels to dilate, facilitating better circulation and oxygen delivery to your body’s tissues. This can help relieve muscle tension and promote a sense of relaxation.

When searching for “sauna bath in Delhi”, SPPC Patanjali Wellness Centre should be your top choice for sauna bath services. Our sauna therapies are not only relaxing but also offer numerous health benefits. Experience the transformative effects of sauna treatment as you boost your metabolism, increase blood circulation, and promote overall well-being. Your relaxation and rejuvenation are our top priorities.

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