Maintaining excellent health and well-being, where both the mind and body harmonize, is true happiness. Yoga plays a pivotal role in achieving this balance. SPPC brings a blend of tradition, expertise, and wisdom in just the right proportions to deliver the best yoga classes in Delhi, harnessing the power of yoga for healing and holistic wellness.

SPPC provides the following procedures of yoga: 

Yogic Kriya: At SPPC, Yogic Kriya such as Netiand dhauti are practiced for inside cleansing and filtration of the body. Their primary impact of योगचिकित्साis the better breathing and gastrointestinal systems. They:

  • Stable the tridosha – Vata (wind), Pitta (bile) and Kapha (mucous) – to enhance capability, cleanse the body and promote health by safeguarding it from illness.
  • Neti cleans mucous from the nasal flow, thus enabling air to stream easily without blockage having relaxing impact on the nerves.
  • Dhauti and Laghu Shankha Prakshalana (colon clean) cleans the whole gastrointestinal system as also breathing system and eliminates mucous, bile and toxic substances to bring back the natural stabilize of the body.


means positions to produce stamina, understanding and security in both the body and the mind. We also perform disease- particular Asanas. By determinedly developing the body in a specific position, one line up the inside system with the external, which:

  • Promotes and preserves smooth performance of the body organs and glands.
  • Enhances the adaptability of all the significant muscle masses, lubes joints and massage the interior body organs.
  • Enhances blood flow and revitalizes body cells.
  • Increases the body’s metabolic process, lymphatic flow and hormone secretion.
  • Enhances the immune work.
  • Creates balance and great posture.
  • Relaxes the nerve system.


it is a breathing practice that cleanses and recovers our body. It controls breath to manage the life or internal important force. SPPC will assist you discover pranayama in the appropriate way to ensure that you will get the right habit of breathing. It:

  • Purifies the nadis (the pranic network enables free stream of prana).
  • Controls the nerve system by moving the autonomic nerve system.
  • Enhances ventilatory works of the lungs.
  • Enhances resistance to infection.
  • Enhances the heart and lungs, and control high blood pressure.
  • Manages the mind and brings psychological clearness which will assist you achieve peace and stability.

Breathing Exercises

Breathing exercises are a vital component of our holistic approach to well-being at SPPC Patanjali Wellness Centre. These exercises serve as a powerful tool for calming the mind, reducing stress, and promoting overall health. Our experienced instructors guide you through various breathing techniques, helping you discover the profound connection between your breath and your well-being.



SPPC assists you in practicing a relaxation technique to cope with stress and anxiety. Elevate your wellness journey at SPPC Patanjali Wellness Centre, your ultimate destination for holistic health and yoga excellence. As a distinguished yoga center in Delhi, we offer the finest yoga classes meticulously designed to nurture your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.

Best Yoga Classes in Delhi

Step into our serene space and join our expert instructors on a transformative exploration of yoga. Our comprehensive classes, considered among the best yoga classes in Delhi, cater to all levels, from beginners to seasoned practitioners. We offer a variety of yoga techniques and styles, including power yoga, allowing you to immerse yourself in dynamic postures, breathing exercises, and mindful meditation that culminate in a harmonious practice.

At SPPC Patanjali Wellness Centre, we seamlessly blend traditional teachings with modern insights, providing a balanced approach to yoga. Our yoga center in Delhi is not just a place to stretch and strengthen; it’s a sanctuary for inner growth and rejuvenation


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