Our Mission

Health and wellbeing are an integral part of our daily lives and do need to be addressed more frequently. Contemporary need is “Lifestyle intervention” to ensure wellbeing. Parmanand Nature cure and Yoga centre is conceptualised to meet this need, a place to “Re – sort”, frequently!


Dr Akhilesh Aggarwal


Dr Akhilesh Aggarwal

Dr. Divya Sharad


Dr. Divya Sharad

Dr.Sanjay Singh Kushwaha

(Ayu. Physician)


Dr. Durga


Dr. Durga Arod


what people say about us

It was a great experience. Would like to come again and again. Therapist parul is amazing in her work.

Cleaniless is very excellent .All staff is corperating .All doctor are very good very nice..very good naturapathy hospital in delhi

जो यहाँ के कर्मचारीगण हैं, तत्परता से और जितने विशेषज्ञता से आपको इलाज करते हैं मुझे लगता है नेचुरोपैथी क्या होती है| यह आपको यहाँ आकर देखना चाहिए फिर आपकी समझ में आएगा |

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About us

Swami Parmanand Nature cure and Yoga centre is a guided Health and wellness centre offering lifestyle programs through Complementary and Alternative healing principles of Naturopathy, Yoga, Ayurveda etc.The ambience is quiet hygienic, the serenity and the spiritual vibes make SPPC Hospital a paradise

Open Hours

Everyday: –
8 AM – 6 PM
Open on all Days


Narwana Road, E – Block, West Vinod Nagar, Near Ambedkar Park, Delhi – 110092,
(Land Mark: Mother Dairy Plant Red Light, To IP Extension Road)
Phone:011 – 22478881 / 83
Mobile: 82874 45808


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